ACCIon Voting tool

ACCIon Voting is an extra tool for the ACCion RCON tool.
You can use it for in game votings. Global/Lokal Chat.


  • You can set two voting words
  • You can set the days for the voting
  • It filter player that vote more than one
  • It use only the last vote of player if he change his vote
  • You can see the votes in the ACCIon RCON tool 


How it works.  



Make a Broadcast or a forum thread where the player get informed about the possible voting.

#morepvp for more pvp or #morepve for more pve.
if a player write #morepvp ACCIon RCON tool will get this message and ACCIon Voting will identify the keyword.
It check the steamid so the player can vote across the servercluster and count as only one per steam id.
If a player change his mind he can vote again. Only the last vote will count.

This tool have to be in same folder where  ACCIon RCON tool is.
It's only works if you log the chat with  ACCIon RCON tool!




this tool need Netframework 4.5.2




Version:  Beta

You can download the last Version here: Download