05.10.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Fixed a bug that crash the tool on shutdown command

02.10.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Fixed a bug with the countdown in the command list
  • Fixed a bug with Windows 7

01.10.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Added tooltips for command query
  • Added color fallback for playerlist
  • Design update

29.09.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Design update
  • Serverlist have now more width
  • Renamed label
  • Fixed a problem with Windows7
  • Fixed a problem with the delay function
  • Servershutdown optimized

28.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Fixed a bug with color use
  • added a global errorhandle

27.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

There was a problem with the config file.

Please remove the following folder and redownload the tool.


23.09.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Fixed bugs
  • Optimize netcode
  • Optimize server errror message
  • Server to send have to now the server color
  • New function: Server Shutdown. Shutdown the server and make saveworld two minuts before exit
  • New function: QueryList counter for delayed and auto commands

22.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Playerlayout have now more witdh
  • PlayerTxt New Player work now for each server
  • A bug was fixed that new player got more than one entry

20.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

- A problem has been fixed with the repeat option