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ACCIon RCON tool (für Ark, ATLAS & mehr)

ACCIon ist ein RCON Tool zur Administration von Servern die RCON unterstützen.
ACCIon funktioniert für:

  • Ark Survivial Evolved
  • Dark & Light
  • Atlas
  • Conan
  • PiXArk
  • und andere RCON Spiele.


  • Bis zu 100(Patreon) oder 15(Free) Server gleichzeitig administrieren
  • Anzeige der Chats
  • Anzeige der Logs
  • Anzeige der Spieler die Online sind
  • Discord Bot. Der Chat- und die Cheat-logs können in Discord Räume gesendet werden.
  • Sende Commandos an die Server: Serverchat, Broadcast, kick-bann Spieler und mehr
  • Befehle können verzögert und wiederholt werden (Query Anzeige)
  • Befehle können täglich wiederhollt werden
  • Freie Farbwahl zur besseren Unterscheidung
  • Bis zu 3 Gruppen nutzbar zur besseren Unterscheidung
  • Right Click auf Spieler öffnet das Steamprofil
  • Markierung von neuen Spielern
  • Anzeige der Spielzeit pro Server
  • Logs werden seperat im log Ordner gespeichert


Um dieses Programm zu nutzen benötigt der Server folgende Startparameter:




Ersetze Portnummer und YourPassword.

Das Programm benötigt Netframework 4.5.2







Die aktuelle Version findest Du hier: Download






Kommentar von Austin |

Please post a setup/install guide. i have downloaded the program for use with my ark server. the window i get looks nothing like the screenshots. i have added my server but i see no spot to enter commands. Additionally, it appears you cant add server by dns name. this is unfortunate and would be a much welcomed improvement, when hosting in house having a dns name is much simpler to avoid the occasional ip change issues with ISP.

Kommentar von The Tropolis Collective |

As Ive mentioned to dozens of people, most are willing to pay a single fee to have access to additional functionality. But Patron or subscription-based 'support' is out of the question. Especially lately with the political dealings that Patron has chosen to take part in.

Kommentar von chwlgn13 |

Could you change the command or chat to support Unicode?
It is not supported to use Korean, so commands and chat are not sent. It's too bad.

Kommentar von Galarn AKA. Beau^^^^^^ |

Regarding your IonBridge (Cluster Chat),

have you make it so we can change the size of the text so it is not Big Yellow Rcon Text, also do you have it and can you make it so we can integrate it to a discord channel, so you can you in game chat in discord and talk from discord to the servers.

Antwort von ACCIon_Developer

Hi Galarn,

IonBridge haven't yet this option. If i find a way i will implement it.
IonBridge have the following option:

Here you can set whether the server name should be included in the message.

A Discord api implement is not planned. Maybe later.

Kommentar von Beau |

First, i use a program called cross ark chat, it makes it possible to talk to every server on the cluster, however as it back off a Rcon base, the chat does not show up in ACCIon, is that something that can be fixed, if not all good, just thought that i would ask.

Now i have another question for you.
Do you have the knowledge to make a API that will change the Rcon chat from Big yellow text to a Custom Text size and colour.

Antwort von ACCIon_Developer

You can use only one RCON tool at same time. If you use more than one RCON tool your logs will be split possibly lost.

Your second question.
Actually not. I think there is a mod needed. If there is a mod that have a good api i can try to use this.
I dont like the Bigyellow too.
That why IonBridge only work if someone write "Ion: " so that not everything in chat goes yellow.

Kommentar von Doublee Gaming |

I was wondering if I could donate to get a version with 40 RCON sever options. We are using the tool for Atlas and went from 9 zones to 40 and would love to have this tool use 40 :) Let me know and I will donate. Thx. Eddie (you can find me on Discord at: Doublee#0313 or join http://discord.doubleegaming.com awesome work.

Antwort von ACCIon_Developer

ACCIon was developed at a time when 15 servers were really much.
Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to enable more servers.

In Momemt I'm working on new release with much more stable network code.
And some features that I only Patreons want to provide.

After 1 1/2 years, unfortunately, except for a friend, no Patreon found the tool would like to support.
However, if there are enough people with monthly support, I would like to develop ACCion for more servers.