16.06.2020 Bug Fix


  • Fixed a bug that cause a crash because of playername 

25.04.2020 Bug Fix


  • Player now marked as new again
  • Discord option optimation


02.02.2020 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • DiscordBot now write the servername before
  • Discord connection optimized
  • Discordicon now hold the size
  • Sourcecode optimation


01.09.2019 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • DiscordBot added a room for tribelogs
  • Ionbridge Config.ini ServerName=true
    Shows the servername in front of the message
  • Ionbridge Config.ini ServerNameLengh=3
    Short the servername to the lengh. Example Island: will be Isl:


19.07.2019 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • Fix: Conan Spieler Anzeige
  • Fix: Discord Bug High CPU
  • RCON TribeLog jetzt unter LOG nicht im Chat
  • DiscordBot: New Chat Format
  • Optimierung IonBridge & DiscordBot


27.03.2019 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • Discord Bot implementation.
    ACCIon transfers the chat log and the cheat logs to the Discord server.
  • If you have the ionbridge, you can also send messages from discord to the servers.
  • If you have Acmd you can also send commands to the server.
  • New alarm feature. If server have problems. (E-Mail, Sound, Discord)
  • New chat alarm feature. Is someone write a special word. (Sound, Discord)


17.03.2019 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • Various bug fixed
  • New servermanager
  • Up to 100 Server for (Patreons)
  • Design update
  • Design bug fixed

08.03.2019 ACCIon RCON tool Update


  • New network code
  • Completely new code design when sending and managing CMDs
  • Source code optimization
  • New feature IonBridge Crossark Arkchat (Patreons)
  • New feature Acmds InGame RCON Commands (Patreons)
  • New feature Show InGame name and tribename (Patreons)
  • Many bug fixes

12.04.2018 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • New option FontSize for Chat
  • New option Set how long player marked as new
  • Network optimization
  • Fixed a problem that make ACCIon hang if a server crash

20.01.2018 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Fixed a problem with steamnames that can crash ACCIon.
  • Changed dontate to patreon. (I would be very happy about every support)

12.12.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • New config options
  • Switch background
  • Switch font
  • Switch save logs
  • Show empty server
  • Autorun
  • Set groupname
  • Set groupcolor
  • Autohide unused groups
  • Design optimation
  • new arrangement for cmd serverlist
  • variable size

In planning:

  • E-Mail alert

30.11.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Changed the background
  • Temporarily changed the servercolor in the cmd section(Still a windows version problem)
  • Corrected a translate problem
  • Corrected the played time, it is now more precision
  • Every server have now it's own time played

In planning:

  • Option for servergroup color
  • Option for writing logs
  • Option for a simple Design

05.10.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

Fixed a bug that crash the tool on shutdown command

02.10.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Fixed a bug with the countdown in the command list
  • Fixed a bug with Windows 7

01.10.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Added tooltips for command query
  • Added color fallback for playerlist
  • Design update

29.09.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Design update
  • Serverlist have now more width
  • Renamed label
  • Fixed a problem with Windows7
  • Fixed a problem with the delay function
  • Servershutdown optimized

28.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Fixed a bug with color use
  • added a global errorhandle

27.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

There was a problem with the config file.

Please remove the following folder and redownload the tool.


23.09.2017 ACCIon RCON tool Update

  • Fixed bugs
  • Optimize netcode
  • Optimize server errror message
  • Server to send have to now the server color
  • New function: Server Shutdown. Shutdown the server and make saveworld two minuts before exit
  • New function: QueryList counter for delayed and auto commands

22.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

  • Playerlayout have now more witdh
  • PlayerTxt New Player work now for each server
  • A bug was fixed that new player got more than one entry

20.09.2017 ACCIon RCON BugFix

- A problem has been fixed with the repeat option