ACCIon Voting tool

ACCIon Voting is an extra tool for ACCIon.
You can use it to make InGame polls.
It is agreed with certain words in Global or Local Chat.



  • You can choose two voting words
  • You can set how long the voting should run
  • It recognizes double votes
  • Only the last vote is counted, so you can change your mind during the vote
  • You can also see the votes in ACCIon


How it works

Send a broadcast to your servers with the two Vote words.
I recommend putting a diamond in front of it.
Example:: #apple for a new Mod #pear for everything remains as it is.

When a player writes #apple, the ACCIon Tool will read the chat and ACCIon Voting will recognize the word.
ACCIon Voting checks the SteamID, so voting in a cluster is possible and will not be counted twice.

If a player changes his mind, all he has to do is write the other word #pear.
The change is then recorded.


ACCIon Voting must be in the same folder as ACCIon!
This tool only works in combination with ACCIon!

The program needs Netframework 4.5.2




You can find the current version here: Download