How to unlock extensions

To use one or more extensions, you need to do the following.

1. Become a Patreon:
(At least the second level.)
2. Open ACCIon and there the options.
3. Click on the button below the Patreon picture.
4. Choose what you want to use.
5. Send an e-mail to the given address with your Patreon name and your ID next to the button.

It takes a while, but then you should have the features you want.


  1. First of all, you need admin rights for your discord server.
  2. Create two rooms, one for the chat logs and one for the cheat logs.
  3. Now go to this page and create an application called "ACCIon".
  4. Then click on "Bot" and "Add Bot" and create a bot with the username "ACCIon" (Important).
    Copy the token you need it later in the ACCIon.
  5. Disable the "Public Bot" option.
  6. Now click on "OAuth2", set the cross to "bot" and open the link.
  7. Give permission for your discord server and ACCIon will join your discord.
  8. Now open your discord app and go into the options and there you will find under "Appearance" the item "Advanced".
    Activate the developer mode there.
  9. Now open ACCIon and there the options. Click on the DiscordBot button
  10. Now insert the BotToken from punk 5
  11. Write the ServerID and ChannelID in the required fields. You can copy by right-clicking on the server or channel   in the discord. "Copy ID"
    To send chat from the discord to the servers is only possible if the IonBridge extension is active.
    Command from Discord to the servers works only if the Acmd extension is active. Ex. [Nbsp] ACMD: Broadcast Discord is now active  

IonBridge (Cluster Chat)

When the IonBridge has been activated by the patreon status,

Do you find a config.ini in the same folder as ACCIon.exe.
There you can change the following options:

true means that Ion sends the messages to all groups.
false means that the messages stay in the groups.

Here you can set whether the server name should be included in the message.

To use the IonBridge (Crosschat), write:

Ion: Hello all players

in the chat.

AtlasDB (Playername, Tribename)

If the AtlasDB has been activated by patreon status,

Do you find a config.ini in the same folder as ACCIon.exe
There you have to change the following options:


The default localhost should work without problems. You just have to change this
if the Redis server is not running on the same PC as ACCIon. Consider your Firefall and Redis settings.

The default 6379 is the redisport type port and only needs to be changed if you have changed it.

Your Redis database password. Do you find in your redis.conf under the point: requirepass

If ACCIon has successfully connected, the upper lettering turns green. It can take several minutes!


Acmd (InGame RCON Commands)

If the extension Acmd has been activated by the patreon status,

Do you find a config.ini in the same folder as ACCIon.exe?
There you have to change the following options:


Here you have to copy both names from the chat log of ACCIon.
So Ingame Name and Steamname.
Just like it is displayed in ACCIon when this person writes.
Ex. MaxMuster (Meiyer)
Multiple admins must be written separated by a comma ",".
AcmdAdminList = MaxMuster (Meiyer), MiniMaster (Maxir),

Each administrator in the list can use the following commands to send each RCON command to the server via inGame Chat.

CMD: Broadcast Hello everyone!
Sends a broadcast to the server from which the command was sent.

ACMD: Broadcast Hello everyone on all servers!
Sends a broadcast to  all servers in ACCIon.